Hygen Gas Generator

It is a 21st century alternative energy product developed by Hygen Tech Solution after years of research. By electrolysis of water, the gas generator produces high purity/temperature heat source creating oxygen from anode, hydrogen from cathode.
Our product generates oxygen and hydrogen separately, therefore, the safety is guaranteed. Moreover, it has the function of adjusting the amount of oxygen and hydrogen according to the purpose of use. This function makes possible for our products to be used as an environmental energy product in various areas such as welding, cutting, glass working, semiconductor, and field requiring a high heat source with no pollution.

Effect of use

  • Reduction of oxygen partial pressure

  • Reducing action (process) by hydrogen gas (antioxidant of metal)

  • Hydrogen gas is harmless, and has neutrality. Because it has high purity, hydrogen gas has a reducing action much stronger than metallic oxide.
    【Hydrogen reduction method- MmOn(s)+nH2(g)=nH2O(g)】

  • No carbide is made

  • Good performance of flame results in high efficiency work in its work area.

Expectancy effects

  • Economic feasibility
    - (Maximum)70% of discounting effect on increase of fossil fuel prices & discharge of pollution

  • Safety
    - automatic detecting function/alarm for overvoltage, overcurrent, over pressure, low-water level
    - Condenser & dryer for maintaining high purity of oxygen/hydrogen gas are built in
    - Specially designed electrolysis structure, therefore, durability is semi-permanent
    - Self-protective function and improvement of durability
    - Multi safety devices

  • Convenience
    - no need of gas tank storage
    - no need of changing stock container
    - generating/use of gas when needed
    - able to use several gas jets continuously