• 1987. 12Founded ChangJin Industry

  • 1991. 03Commenced research on mass gas generator by water electrolysis

  • 1994. 06Applied invention patent (No.94-013648호)
    Registered patent (No.116005호)

  • 1999. 10commenced development of alternative fuel device for agriculture greenhouse fan heater and pollution-free trash burner


  • 2000. 05Commenced development of removable water electrolysis device and combustion device therewith.

  • 2001. 06Commenced development of special high purity gas generator

  • 2001. 10Founded Hygen Tech Co., LTD

  • 2002. 01Completed development of emulsion combustion system utilizing separate type hydrogen gas generator

  • 2002. 05Signed MOU with KB ENTEC for burning material melting furnace utilizing separate type hydrogen gas generator

  • 2004. 07Completed National project of emulsion combustion and burning melting furnace utilizing separate type hydrogen gas generator

  • 2005. 05Founded HygenTech Future Solution CO., LTD

  • 2006. 05Developed melting furnace system utilizing removable (separate type) hydrogen gas generator

  • 2006. 05Acquired ISO certificate and registered venture business

  • 2006. 06Registered hydrogen/emulsion mixed combustion system patent
    Registered emulsion combustion device design

  • 2007. 03Received grand prize of green energy enterprise from the Ministry of Industry and Resource

  • 2007. 07Acquired CE for separate type hydrogen generator/emulsion combustion system

  • 2007.07Nominated as a clean worksite

  • 2008.06Installed Hygen H2 gas generator in Kawakawa College R&D center in Japan

  • 2009.06Installed hydrogen supplier for cooling the generator in Youngheung Power Plant

  • 2009.12Installed hydrogen gas generator (2 sets) for cooling the 6 generators (#1-6) in Samcheonpo Power Plant


  • 2010. 06Installed hydrogen gas generator (2 sets) in Fuel Cell R&D center of Doosan

  • 2010. 06Changed the company name to HygenTech Solution

  • 2010. 09Installed hydrogen gas generator in Hyundae Steel

  • 2010. 11Installed hydrogen gas generator in SK CHEMICAL

  • 2010. 12Installed HG-3800S at Chonnam National University Educational-Industrial

  • 2011. 03Installed HG-1800S at Dong-yang Mechatronics Corp

  • 2011. 04Installed HG-6500S in Roswin Corp

  • 2011. 11Installed HG-1500S at Keumkang Brazing

  • 2011. 12Installed HG-18000S at Namyoung-bnt Corp

  • 2012. 01Commeced development of high purity hydrogen water cooler applying hydrogen generator electrolyzer

  • 2012. 03Installed HG-15000S in Korea Nakajo Corp.
    Installed HG-3800S in Sung Woo TechRon Corp.

  • 2012. 05Installed HG03800S at Pohang University of Science and Technology educational-industrial

  • 2012. 09Installed HG-6500S in ARTECH corporation

  • 2012. 12Installed HG-1800S-LIG in Sung Won Corp

  • 2013. 03Arranged a lab in Korea Polytechnic University (at EH Department),
    Succeeded in inventing high purity (3.0 ~ 4.0 ppm) hydrogen water cooler

  • 2013. 06Installed HG-9000S at Samsung Fine Chemistry

  • 2013. 08Installed HG-22500S (3 sets) in Dongbo Corp
    Exported samples of hydrogen water server kit
    to Japan (external type/dial type)

  • 2013. 12Installed HG-3800S at Korea Railroad Research Institute

  • 2014. 01Installed HG-15000S in Kostec Corp
    Installed HG-6500S in G-STAR enterprise Co

  • 2014. 03First official export of hydrogen water server kit (external type) to Japan

  • 2014. 10Installed HG-18000S (3 sets) in DK Brazing Co

  • 2014. 11Exported high purity hydrogen breathing machine to Japan for the first time

  • 2014. 12Exported hydrogen water server kit (external type/dial type) to Japan (2nd time)


  • 2015. 01Installed HG-15000S in IB Technology Co

  • 2015. 02Installed HG-9000S at Jung Do Engineerig Co
    First official export of hydrogen water server (countertop type) to Japan

  • 2015. 03Installed HG-9000S at poongsan Corp
    Exported hydrogen water server kit (external/dial type) to Japan (3rd time)

  • 2015. 04Installed HG-3800S in Seojintech corp

  • 2015. 06Installed HG-22500S (3 sets) in Samhan Corp

  • 2015. 07Installed HG-3800S at LG hausys reserach department

  • 2015. 10Began exporting hydrogen water server kit (digital type) to Japan

  • 2015. 11Installed HG-15000S in Dusco Wire Corp

  • 2016. 01Exported hydrogen water server kit (digital type) to Japan (2nd time)

  • 2016. 02Installed HG-6500S at corporation AMS

  • 2016. 04Installed HG-18000S (2 sets) at Hyundai S&T in Dalian, China

  • 2016. 05Installed HG-12000S in WATER SIYUAN GROUP CO.,LTD, Chia. HG-12000S

  • 2016. 06Exported hydrogen water server (countertop type) to Japan (2nd time)

  • 2016. 08Installed HG-9000S at KRim (metal Injection Molding) Corporation

  • 2016. 10Exported hydrogen water server kit (external/dial type) to Japan

  • 2016. 11Plan installation of HG-22500 2 sets at Sewon PM TECH
    Exported hydrogen water server kit (external/dial type) ) to Japan

  • 2016First official export of hydrogen water system (countertop type) to USA

  • 2017Installed HG-22500S (2 sets) in Sewonpm Co. Sejong branch

  • 2017Installed HG-3800 in NK Hair & Skin Care Inc.

  • 2017Installed HG-15000S in Harry Co.

  • 2017Installed HG-6500S in PyungsanPowerTechnology Corporation

  • 2018Installed HG-9000S in EUNSUNG Co.

  • 2018Installed HG-12000S (3 sets) in Federal Mogul (Tenneco Inc.)

  • 2018Installed HG-18000S (2 sets) in KOSTECSYS Inc.

  • 2018Installed HG-15000S in Dongnam Co.

  • 2018Installed HG-9000S (2 sets) in GAS TECH Co.

  • 2019Installed HG-9000S in Best Carbon Co.

  • 2019Installed HG-3800S at University of Seoul (UOS), Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation

  • 2019Installed HG-3800S In Deok-In Co.

  • 2019First official export of HYDROGEN INHALATION SYSTEM to USA


  • 2020Installed HG-18000S (2 sets) In TM-Tech Co.

  • 2020Installed HG-30MS at Malaysia Company (Bora-Cem Co.)

  • 2020Installed HG-15000S in GAS TECH Co.

  • 2020Installed HG-9000S (2 sets) in GAS TECH Co.

  • 2020Installed HG-15000S In Hyuksan CO.

  • 2020Installed HG-22500S in Changsung Corp (Pyeong-teak branch)

  • 2020Installed HG-7500S in Haesungds Co.

  • 2020Installed HG-3800S in HANTO Cutting System Co.

  • 2020Installed HG-3800S in OLYMPUS & HIGHLAND LLC. (USA Inc.)

  • 2020Applied for Hydrogen water system trademark/ SUISOHOLIC was trademarked

  • 2021nstalled HG-12000S in Federal Mogul (Tenneco Inc.)

  • 2021Installed HG-22500S in Wonil Steel Co.

  • 2021Installed HG-22500S In TM-Tech Co.

  • 2021Installed HG-3000S in PANASIA Co.

  • 2021Installed HG-18000S (2 sets) Sam-Heung Co.

  • 2021Installed HG-18000S in SEONGHO SINTERED METAL Co.

  • 2021Installed Hydrogen Purification System in Hyundai motor Corp (Namyang R&D)

  • 2021Installed HG-40MS at Iljinsteel Co.

  • 2021Installed HG-22500S in Hyo Sung Power Metallurgy Co.