Overview of Organic Waste Treatment System (CATAL-BON)

CATAL-BON, newly developed by HTS, is a system that processes/treats organic waste. The system catalytically decomposes and carbonizes all all organic wastes, including food, plastic, wood waste, oil, and various sludge, to decompose and dispose of them.
*Why is the system named CATAL-BON?
Reflecting the principle of a system that generates carbon after carbonization using a catalyst, CATAL-BON, a compound word of catalyst (CATALYST)and carbon (CARBON)), was made.

Use of Organic Waste Treatment System (CATAL-BON) and Expected Effects

  • Environmental Benefits
    Unlike other products and methods, Hygentech solution’s catalytic carbonization system catalytically decomposes and carbonizes all organic matters at low temperatures except inorganic substances, therefore no waste residue remains.

    In addition, there is no discharge of environmental pollutants in the process, and the discharged powdered carbon is recyclable for many resources which shows that this is a very environmentally beneficial product.

  • Safety Benefits
    1. CATAL-BON is harmless(innocuous) to humans.
    The product catalytically decomposes at low temperature, so there is no emission of environmental pollutants.
    2. The catalyst does not generate a carbonization reaction below 80°C.
    In addition, the door is double-locked during system operation or during the carbonization reaction of the catalyst to prevent danger.
    3. Vapor and gas are discharged through discharge system.
    Through the discharge gas using the built-in electrolysis device, it prevents the emission of gas or liquid that could cause odor or environmental pollution.
    4. CATAL-BON uses protective insulation for possible burns.
    the product has sufficient insulations to prevent any risk of burns due to the temperature of thesystem during operation.

  • Economic Benefits
    As shown in the graph, the amount of domestic waste and organic waste are increasing every year. As the amount of waste generated continues to increase, in the case of other existing products, only the amount of treatment is increased, economic effects hasn’t been successful or beneficial. However, by using catalytic carbonization system developed by Hygentech Solution, huge economic effects can be expected through waste treatment, recycling of the discharged powder carbon, recycling of resources, etc.

Division '13 '14 '15 '16 '17 '18
total 48,728 49,915 51,247 53,772 53,490 56,035
pay-for use basis for compound waste Sub total 22,292 22,264 23,170 24,965 24,638 25,573
paper 5,383 5,410 5,445 5,631 5,194 5,185
plastic 3,126 3,370 3,739 4,312 4,601 4,884
galss 499 536 623 561 608 739
metal 347 392 448 434 400 931
others 12,937 12,556 12,915 14,027 13,835 13,834
Separate waste for recyclable waste total 13,935 14,429 13,857 14,418 14,452 15,985
paper 4,128 4,485 4,514 4,603 4,151 4,281
1,335 1,431 1,454 1,710 2,169 2,315
plastic 1,239 1,237 1,200 1,133 1,251 1,491
others 7,233 7,276 6,689 6,972 6,881 7,898
Food waste-separate waste total 12,501 13,222 14,220 14,389440 14,400 14,477